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Our Story

It’s been almost four decades since we set up shop and not one of us has looked back ever since. Hartford Funding Ltd. started out as a mortgage lender in a very different financial climate in 1983. However, the goal then and the goal now remains the same. We want to help as many people as we can to realize their dreams of homeownership.

That’s because we firmly believe all hard-working people should be able to call a piece of property their own. Recent years have certainly made our goal harder to achieve, but we like a good challenge. And we’ve risen to that challenge by innovating and expanding our range of mortgage products to suit today’s climate.

Our Leadership Team

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Fred Assini


2022 "40 Under 40" Award Winner

National Mortgage Professional

Mark I Headshot.png
40 Under 40 Logo.png

Mark Illustrato

Vice President

Chris Roberti.png

Chris Roberti

Director of Strategic Growth

2023 "40 Under 40" Award Winner

National Mortgage Professional

Keith Cullen.jpg

Keith Cullen

Chief Production Officer


No More Notebooks

We’ve also embraced technology to improve client satisfaction. Tech has helped us streamline so we spend less time shuffling papers and more time speaking to future homeowners.

More Mortgage Less Mystery

We’ve spent recent years building up an easy and transparent process that customers feel comfortable with. You shouldn’t have moths jumping around in your stomach on closing day. We share each component of the process with our clients every step of the way.


No Middlemen No Problems

Hartford Funding Ltd. is a direct lender which means we personally process your application and make the final decision in-house. That also means you become part of an open process where communication happens between us and you without a spiderweb of middlemen in between.

Core Values


All departments have one presiding manager - the customer. That means all decisions from product development to human resources are made with the customer experience in mind.


 We are always questioning what we do, why we do it that way, and how we can do it better. That curiosity helps us create and innovate the great products and methodologies for our clients.


We have created a framework that allows us to change as the world changes in the area of tech and data-driven knowledge. That helps us to address the changing needs of our clients before the need arises.


Our process is transparent and that’s because the foundation we sit on today is integrity. It is an integral part of our decision-making and hiring. It is also the reason we’ve been so successful for so many years and why we will continue to be.

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